Forum Thread: Estrogen Good for the Heart bad for the breasts?!

I heard that too many times. Is that true and how?

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2 Responses

Simple Answer ..... Yes 

Estrogen by its nature elevate the level of the good High Density Lipoproteins Known as HDL and lower of the bad Low Density Lipoproteins known as LDL.... That Process decelerate the process of athersclerosis with subsequent decrease of the risk of having Heart Attacks and strokes. After Menopause; The level of estrogen decrease markedly leading to acceleration of the process of athersclerosis and subsequent increase in risk for heart attacks and strokes.

So we can say that women are naturally protected during their childbearing period against Vascular disease.

For Breast; statistics and retrospective study show some sort of a link between the level of estrogen and the increase risk for breast cancer but that link is not fully proven.

quite interesting :D :D

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