How To: Avoid Anxiety Using Food

Avoid Anxiety Using Food

Fight anxiety with food

Most of us get exposed to anxiety and social problems that increase depression.

There are many strategy is made to help dealing with such stress e.g. psychotherapy, drugs, antidepressant and therapy.

Some food excite the pituitary gland to secret the oxytocin which in turn decrease stress and induce self calm.
Other food decrease the level of adrenaline and cortisol thus it lower the blood pressure level.

Mood Elevators

Banana and Avocado: both have high level of potassium that lower tht blood pressure.
Green vegetables have magnesium that stablize the level of adrenaline and oxytocin
Fatty fish have high level of omega-3 that decrease the atherosclerosis.
starchy food induce energy level in the body thus increase the level of seritonine in the brain and induce happiness.
carrot decrase anxiety
milk have Vitamin B, D and calcium that induce mascle relaxation.
chocolate it elevate the level of serotonine and thus more happiness.

Mood Depressors

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Some food should be avoided like, caffee, tea, Cola, chease and batter, red meat

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