How To: Protect Yourself Against Chapped Lips

Protect Yourself Against Chapped Lips

chapped lips is a very common issue and usually face us in summer especially when sweating is excessive and water intake is at its minimum.

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all that affect our body and it induce inflammation in our lips which leads to fissuring in lip mucosa which is famously known as chapped lips.

chapped lips occurs due to many factors e.g. vitamins deficiency, essential fatty acid deficiency and smoking.

To prevent chapping of the lips;

  1. moisturizing the lips
  2. covering it with Vaseline preventing its dryness
  3. using Cucumber slices all over the lips for 15 mins
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  1. drinking alot of water prevent dehydration and lip dryness.
  2. painting the lip with olive oil which provide essential nutrients to the lips.
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