News: The People Dig Their Own Graveyard by Their Own Teeth

The People Dig Their Own Graveyard by Their Own Teeth

 Diet = Die or Eat

The People Dig Their Own Graveyard by Their Own TeethAs Biological definition, food is defined as; any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for the body. It is usually of plant or animal origin, and contains essential nutrients, such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals. 

Lack of nutritional supply to the human body lead to several harmful process in the body ending with eminent death.

 Types of Foods

Simply foods can be classified into basic categories

  1. The People Dig Their Own Graveyard by Their Own TeethCarbohydrates; the provide the body mainly with glucose and sometime the non-essential fatty acids e.g. rice, starch and wheat.
  2. Fats; The provide the body with both the essential and non-essential fatty acids that are important for providing the cells with energy, phospholipids and other important cellular structures.
  3. Proteins; the provide the body with the aminoacids which is important for formation of body hormones, neurotransmitters in the brain, muscles and others.
  4. Minerals; They are important for normal body function as they are essential certain enzymes and for normal function for both muscles and nerves.
  5. Vitamins; These magical chemical are extremely important and essential for normal functioning cells e.g. vitamin B6 is extremely necessary for nerves while B12 for red blood cells.

Warnings; Hazard for deficiency on of the previous elements

Relative or absolute deficiency of one of the previous elements leads to many bad effects for the body and that effects depend on degree of deficiency and how much this element is important to our body. For example;....

  1. The People Dig Their Own Graveyard by Their Own TeethDeficiency of essential fatty acids leads to accumulation of low density lipo-proteins and accelerate the process of athersclerosis
  2. Deficiency of certain aminoacids e.g. Tryptophan leads to hypofunction of the thyroid glands and decrease of the level of serotonine in the brain leading to depression.
  3. Deficiency of Potassium in food leads to state known as hypokalemia "low potassium level in the blood" the induce dysfunction in the muscles even paralysis in some cases and of course heart arrest in advanced cases.
  4. Deficiency of Vitamine B6 leads to neuropathy "mal-function nerves" and its effects range from sensation of numbness in fingers to complete loss of sensations.

How we enjoy a better health?!

  • The People Dig Their Own Graveyard by Their Own TeethThe People Dig Their Own Graveyard by Their Own TeethEat Regularly is important to health. Small frequent meals is better than a single one meal.
  • Increase vegetables and fruits as they supply you with minerals, vitamins and fibers "give you the sense of fullness and regulate your bowel activity".
  • Eat meals with numerous colors;  A meal with four or five different colours looks a lot more appealing than a plate of single colored food e.g. meat only. The more colourful your meal, the more antioxidants and health benefits it has.
  • Average meat; the body demands about 40-60 grams of high rich proteins per day. Any excess is worthless beside reducing the content of meat give more space for eating vegetables.
  • Use less hazardous oils and fats; Olive oil has more content of essential fatty acids and more healthy than manufactured oils.
  • Exercise regularly; this is important as it with improve your vascular system and increase body musculature that subsequently increase fat metabolism and consumption reducing body weight.
  • Avoid alcohols; Alcohols is consider the richest foot ever known for its Calories contents; it flash the body with excess energy that is later stored as fat. Beside that; it has very hazardous effects on the body ranging from peptic ulcer to increase the risk for stomach cancers.
  • Changes your unhealthy habits into health ones; Avoid drinking to much coffee because of its high content of caffeine that increase nerve excitability and sleep disorders. Another example start your meals with eating the salads. Eat nuts rather than crisps as they much healthier.

Surely; we can say that as starvation are extremely dangerous for our life, 

improper eating are also extremely dangerous of our life.

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